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Quartaroli & Associates also provides a wide range of land entitlement services. Our services are primarily offered in the San Joaquin Valley and Motherlode including San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Sacramento counties. In order to arrive at the best possible solution, individual landowner needs are taken into consideration such as cost effectiveness, scheduling, zoning and political climate constraints. Typical land entitlement services include:

  • Major subdivisions
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Agriculture Site Plans
  • Development Site Plans
  • Williamson Act Compliance (enrollment, non-renewal, ect.)
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Site Approvals
  • Water Rights
  • Rezones/General Plan Amendments
  • Use Permits
  • Lot Mergers
  • State & Federal Permit Processing

Learn more about some of these services below:

The Land Use Entitlement process can be lengthy and complex, involving multiple public state and local agencies and departments. It is critical to understand and coordinate the interrelated and overlapping elements of these various agencies to navigate the project through the entire entitlement process. Quartaroli and Associates has extensive experience and insight with the state and local agencies to provide a practical, cost sensitive and timely land use solution uniquely suited for each of our clients.

  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Major Subdivisions
  • Historical Deed Research
  • Williamson Act Contract (Enrollment, Non-renewal, Compliance)
  • Project Mitigation Coordination
  • Rezone & General Plan Amendments

Learn more about Certificates of Compliance / Lot Line Adjustments

The agricultural zoning rules for subdividing land are very stringent, complex, and restrictive. Many landowners are not aware of the title history of their property. Many land owners wishing to divide their property, for various reasons, are shocked to learn that they may not qualify under the local ordinance.

Before a landowner abandons their hope of dividing their property, they should contact Quartaroli & Associates. The ability to divide your property may lie in the past land title history.

Many landowners are not aware of the land title history of their property nor do they understand the significance. Many landowners are surprised to find out that their property is already divided into separate parcels but perhaps not formally recognized by the Community Planning Department.

The title history of your property is determined by having a “Chain of Title” prepared.

The shape and size of many of today’s parcel are the result of years of various landowners purchasing their neighbors land, then the landowner request the Tax Assessors Office to consolidate all of the individual tax bills into one tax bill. As time passes and the ownership changes the underlying historic parcels are forgotten.

This is where the knowledge and experience of Quartaroli & Associates in completing a “Chain of Title” search, examination of the documents, and the rendering of an opinion comes in. The recognition of the newly discovered historic parcels by the local governing agency is achieved by preparing a Certificate of Compliance application. Upon approval of the Certificate of Compliance application the parcel(s) can be reshaped and/or relocated by processing a Lot Line Adjustment application. Lot Line Adjustment applications are limited to four parcels, therefore, multiple simultaneous sequential Lot Line Adjustment applications may be required depending on the number of historic parcels. Quartaroli & Associates has pioneered the simultaneous sequential lot line adjustment approach.

Agricultural Development Planning includes Packing Sheds, Nut Hullers, Cold Storage, Wineries, Olive Mills. Quartaroli & Associates obtained all land use entitlements and designed the first modern-day Asparagus Packing Shed in the San Joaquin County Delta in 1988. This packing shed remains to be the largest asparagus packing shed on the West Coast. Quartaroli & Associates first winery project came in 2001 and first olive mill project in 2003. Our experience and history in the agriculture processing industry is extensive.

  • Use Permits
  • Site Approvals

Permits are a condition of approval for a particular land use entitlement application. Obtaining a permit is mandatory to begin a project. Quartaroli & Associates has the patience, expertise and experience to help clients obtain the necessary permits. Quartaroli & Associates has an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting the Central Valley. Quartaroli & Associates has the experience and knowledge to anticipate challenges and problems rather than merely reacting to the issues.

  • Building Permits
  • Encroachment Permits
  • Grading Permits
  • Well Permits
  • Waste Water Discharge Permits
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