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Geographical Information System (GIS) is built on the science of geography. Quartaroli & Associates staff have their roots in the traditional disciplines of land surveying, land planning, and mapping. These traditional disciplines form the foundation of our GIS services. Quartaroli & Associates believes that GIS technology provides a unique opportunity for agriculture related organizations and agriculture landowners to examine and improve the way they conduct their business. Automating the management of your map-related data will give you access to an incredible source of data while being mobile and lead to greater flexibility, independence from the office, and efficiency. A GIS program is the backbone of any precision farming related operation. GIS is a special data reservoir from which you can draw from while being mobile in order to make informed decisions in a timely and efficient manner. Using a GIS as the information hub in an agriculture related organization ensures that all authorized personnel within the organization are looking at the same data. Quartaroli & Associates can provide assistance from initial planning to field data collection to implementation and maintenance of a custom GIS system tailored for your specific needs. Quartaroli & Associates specializes in providing GIS solutions for irrigation districts, drainage districts, reclamation districts and the general agriculture community.

Typically customized services include:

  • Automated data filing
  • Automated mapping
  • Automated land indexing
  • Infrastructure inventory, mapping and management.
  • Irrigation well inventory and mapping
  • Crop damage documentation and mapping
  • Water meter inventory and mapping
  • Annual crop mapping
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